12. June, 2023


Sharjah: Every year, humans take a variety of behaviors that harm the ecosystem, such as deforestation, climate change, and animal extinction. Despite the fact that we should safeguard and preserve the environment every day, we use a particular day to give our effort a global platform. The World Environment Day has come to an end. World Environment Day was observed at Art4you Gallery, where a group of artists worked to protect the environment.

This year’s theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution,” emphasizes the crucial role that trees play in improving our planet’s health and stability. An event supported by The UN Environment Programme, Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, with the renowned artists of UAE. Throughout this event, we Art4you gallery explored the multifaceted benefits of trees, discovered how to plant a tree, and discussed ideas to inspire Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We titled the event - "NO GREEN - NO LIFE! The Go Green art event to celebrate World Environment Day took place on 10th June at Ark Coffee, Sharjah, a place sustainability meets coffee overlooking the corniche. In collaboration and support from Ark Coffee Founder - Chef Fatema Abdulla Showaiter who is committed to social and environmental activities.

'Planting a tree' was the best way to tackle climate change, according to a recent study on world reforestation. By planting a single tree on World Environment Day, we contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for our planet. Engaging in tree planting initiative on this day encourages community involvement and raises awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. World Environment Day provided an opportunity for people all around the globe to unite in their efforts to create a greener, healthier planet.

We are grateful to H.E. Laila Rahhall, our Chief guest, and our Guests of honors, Mr. Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Ms. Chef Fatema Showaiter, Ms. Jesno Jackson, Ms. Latha Palthi and the 16 artists who took part in the Art4you tree planting program, where each one actively contributed to preserving our environment for future generations. As we observe World Environment Day every year, it is crucial to recognize the significance of this international occasion. To that end, Ms. Bhumika Maniyar, sustainability mentor and founder of The Green Revolution LLC, partnered with Art4you Gallery as sustainability partner and provided the event with lovely terracotta pots and plants. 'Together we can make difference' is the Motto of TGR. Their vision is to support communities towards building Green & Healthy life spaces.

When it comes to environmental restoration, we must first discover what to do in order to protect the ecosystem. The artist painted and shared artwork with the themes of "Go Green," "Beat Plastic Pollution," and "Save the Earth". We had 16 artists who painted live to share and spread the awareness by embracing sustainable practices through their paintings. They created art that not only inspires but also reflects the commitment to preserve the beauty of our planet. The Participating artists were; Lama Lahham – Syria, Yasmine Mohammed – Egypt, Maria Komal Abie – India, Natalia Vitiougova – Russia, Nirmeen Hashim – Egypt, Jesno Jackson – India, Saida Banu – India, Mussarat Fatima- Pakistan, Ira Palthi – India, Ishrat Ara Keyani – Pakistan, Latha Palthi – India, Veinna Fouad – Syria, Reshma Parikh – India, Manjari Vaibhava – India, Shazia Malik – Pakistan and Alia Amin – Pakistan.

Curator Jesno Jackson led a discussion on "Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle" during an art talk about nature with all creatives. Through this networking session relating the topic of NATURE, Art4you's primary goal in honoring this environmental event was to promote and foster creativity! Rengi Cherian and Jesno Jackson established the Art4you gallery.

“We need to remind ourselves that we’re not separate from nature or the planet! We have this concept as a modern society that it’s not our responsibility, or relevant to us. But ‘nature’ isn’t something out there that we should protect out of context – WE ARE NATURE! We rely on nature to nourish us, to keep us alive. It seems we forget that. So, I think we were able to spread this message through our community event, to the everyone.", says Jesno. The opportunity presented by World Environment Day 2023 allowed people, groups, and organizations to collaborate and improve the environment.