25. Sep, 2022

Welcome to the fascinating world of NFTs.

After the term "blockchain" has definitively passed into everyday language, we must now count with a new acronym, which was thought to be reserved for the world of high-tech and cryptocurrencies: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), these certificates of digital ownership that allow to authenticate any digital file (tweet, image, video, music...). Lighting.

Absoltutely in the new world of NFT's:

Empowerment through art. A pioneer, this artist has, in 2021, co-founded World of Women (WoW), a community coupled with a platform, which brings together more than 10,000 NFT works by women. That's the largest collection of virtual art in the world to date! Focused on female empowerment, Yam Karkai celebrates "representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all." 

Her impact: the collaboration with Reese Witherspoon did not stop there since the production house of the actress, Hello Sunshine, signed a partnership with WoW to adapt the portraits of the platform into characters of series and films. The producer rejoiced: "While cryptos and NFTs are still largely male-dominated, there are inspiring leaders like World of Women who are creating incredible communities for women in this major shift for media and technology."

NFTs at the service of the planet. This Franco-Malian has much more than one string to her bow. After modeling, she showed her talents as a singer and songwriter through three successful albums, while actively engaging with climate and women's rights.

Its impact: Code Green organizes NFT auctions with the aim of financing green projects. But the collective also acts as a consultant for NFT artists and platforms on how to "give back to the planet." On the last International Women's Day, Code Green collaborated with Vinci and World of Women to organize the first NFT art exhibition of 22 artists, displayed at more than 20 airports around the world.

Generation Z. An NFT platform "designed by girls, for girls" is what Lisa Mayer wanted to create by launching Boss Beauties. For his first collection of 10. 000 NFT, this highly exposed entrepreneur called on artists of the new generation (the "GenZ") to create the portraits of women they would like to "be or see exist in the world". The series, made in eight weeks, sold out in an hour and became the first collection of NFT exhibited on Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange... Quite a symbol! 

The promise of gender equality. This American became a true figure of women's empowerment when she launched Visible Women, a community that aims to promote gender equality in NFTs. It creates personalized portraits for its members, publishes a feminist newsletter with news on the subject, and aims to integrate 100. 000 women in the promising NFT sector. "It is clear that the virtual world is modelled on the real world and that women are not sufficiently represented. Today we have the opportunity to generate parity in NFTs and influence the real world. 

The influencer. Better known by her pseudonym Pplpleasr ("people pleaser", literally and ironically "the one who pleases others", in reference to the personality she has long been), Emily Yang became an NFT artist by accident but is now one of its biggest names. After losing her job as a digital artist at Apple during the pandemic, she starts creating NFT virtual animations to make some money... and is quickly noticed. She was ranked in Forbes' famous "30 under 30" list, produced an NFT for the front page of Vogue Taiwan.

- Anna Lawyer / 2022 / Editorials