13. July, 2023

Artists take Plastic Free July into their community to tackle NO PLASTIC through ART

Artists from the UAE unite to highlight environmentalsustainability through ART with Plastic Free July.


When creative individuals come together under one roof to collectively make a significant difference to our communities through art, one is likely to witness the beginning of an essential dialogue. As part of the PLASTIC FREE JULY initiative, Art4you Gallery, a multicultural platform, gathered over 60 established and up-and-coming, national and international artists for a special campaign with multiple events throughout the month.This campaign helps us to find great alternatives that can become new habits forever.The #plasticfreejuly project, which consists of an art show, live art, talk, panel discussion, and a social media campaign, will be shared by Art4you Gallery, the only community from the UAE that has registered with the Plastic Free July organization for this significant campaign in 2023.

Below are the initiative details;

1. Eco-friendly Live Art – The Green Revolution, Dubai – July 8: 15 UAE Based artists from 10 nationalities painted eco-friendly live art on theme “Beat Plastic through ART” demonstrated that there is no barrier to creativity. This event is conceptualised by Artist Activist - Jesno Jackson, hosted in support with the sustainability partner – The Green Revolution at their Garden Boutique in Dubai. The participating artists were Lene Pieters – South Africa, Tetiana Yatlo, Malek Elsakka – Ukraine, Nirmeen Hashim – Egypt, Meetu Garg, Kumar Chadayamangalam, Thauheeda Thameem, Meena Jadhav, Manjari Vaibhava, Jesno Jackson – India, Ghaya Al Ahbabi – UAE, Dima Albitar – Syria, Labiba Ferhat – Algeria, Yuliya Solomennaya – Belarus and Fatima Ghandour – Lebanon.

2. Plastic Free Morning Tea – July 11: Plastic Free Morning Tea was a popular way of making and sharing TEA, fun with conversations about plastic free solutions. Art4you hosted this through zoom webinar in a great way inviting artists together with a TEA that hasn’t been wrapped in plastic. Participated artists were Zena Yachoui, Jihene - Lebanon, Jean Chullickal, Sreerekha J, Maria Komal Abie, Megha Manjarekar - India, Margarita Ado- Luthiana, Labiba Ferhat- Algeria, Asma Tabet- Egypt etc...

3. Let’s Live with Less Plastic – Art Exhibition – July 21: Curated by Jesno Jackson, this virtual art exhibition aims to shed light on environmental sustainability on the theme "Let’s Live with Less Plastic" themed exhibition comprises 30 stunning mixed media and sustainable artworks created by 20 UAE and international artists of 15 different nationalities, broadcasting at the 3d virtual space at Art4you Gallery website. The artworks at the virtual show will be available in social media platforms and online were we offer the opportunity to learn about environmental issues and how to live more sustainably with ‘NO PLASTIC’. The artists used all types of materials for their paintings – from papers, cardboards, leaves, flowers, fabrics, wood, stones, sticks, cement, recused plastics, recycled plastics, broken mirrors, clay, tiles, canvas – to create sustainable artworks, portraying their emotions and feelings towards Planet Earth. A group of global artists from 15 nationalities is participating in this exhibition.

4. Ban Plastic Art - #SmallStepsBigDifference - Dubai-based artist share more about her eco-conscious lifestyle and the inspiration behind BAN PLASTIC.

5. Panel Discussion - Tackling Plastic Through Art: What does sustainable living mean to you? A Panel Discussion with a community of environmentalists, youth advocates, artists, along with partners and supporters like Plastic Free Foundation and Women Leaders, w

Bhumika Maniyar, CEO and sustainability mentor - The Green Revolution commented: “We were delighted to host this important event which will shed a light on environmental sustainability”.

Rengi Cherian Co-Founder Art4you Gallery, said: "No step is insignificant when taken in the right direction, especially when it comes to making an impactful positive change to our environment and future generations. This initiative has paved the way for everyone to contribute and be mindful of their choices. Each step contributes substantially to sustainability for a greener future.” 

Hats off to all the artists for working together on bringing these creations for this social initiative.

“We need to remind ourselves that we’re not separate from nature or the planet! We have this concept as a modern society that it’s not our responsibility, or relevant to us. But ‘nature’ isn’t something out there that we should protect out of context – WE ARE NATURE! We rely on nature to nourish us, to keep us alive. It seems we forget that. So, I think we were able to spread this message through our community event, to the everyone.", says Jesno. The opportunity presented by World Environment Day 2023 allowed people, groups, and organizations to collaborate and improve the environment.