Issue 1 - Editor's Letter

Issue 01 | SEPT 2020

Dear Readers, 

I’d like to welcome you all to the First Issue of Art4you Magazine. This magazine will serve as an extension of ART interests, with articles written by some of the great authors I’ve come to know over the years.

During this pandemic, we are publishing new content that explores the deeper themes and questions emerging at this time. These stories reveal new opportunities to deeply connect with each other and the living world in the midst of this crisis and beyond.Uncertainty in times of crisis breeds fear and anxiety, but it can also uncover opportunities for greater connection and attention to the threads of relationship that so deeply connect us. In asking how best to respond to the crisis at this time, we feel that it is important to find new ways to come together as a community and to create spaces for support, creativity, and inspiration.

Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian

Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian

In our opening Special Feature, Honey Bhaskaran shares her Creation in a Feminine Perspective, with her radiant smile, as beautiful as her writing, the passionate author and riveting woman warmly welcomes us to her Women's Writes: Grace Amidst Peril. In the heart of the issue was an immersive article “The Brand New Art in the brand new world” by the Art Historian -Johny ML, shares his view on how Covid-19 has scandalized and vandalized this canonical understanding about art. Surabhi Bala explores the Ancient Indian tribe's tale through its captivating art - Saura. Wrangling in a maze of textiles, the artist Stephanie Neville plays with the viewers's mind making them question the 'Connecting Threads'. Our editorial has gone to the history of “Balaji's Antiques”, belonging to the Jewel of Bangalore where it explores and visualizes the stories about each antique, artifact or curio.We also present another article of Dr.Kavita Balakrishnan , an art writer who takes us through the visual storytelling 'Art History of the reader-viewer-'Paper presented in the panel - Entangling And Disentangling Printed Matter ',were brought into the domain of day to day life through art history.

A compelling interview with famous Emirati artist Fatma Abdullah Lootah. We peek into artist's mind to gain insights of her artistic process and philosophy behind her work. Noura Hamed brings our international art news with her interview with world renowned Artist Tom Lohner who elaborates on his creative process. As for the recent happenings in the Indian art scene, Yousef reviews ‘Big Bold & Beautiful Colourful World’ of Anjini Laitu and we feature a selection of the best Indian and International artists, exhibits and events.The evolution and development of our rich culture never ceases to impress, and refreshing to see the tradition is still being contributed to by forthcoming generations.

Welcome to our special edition - Creation in Isolation, documenting artists living in UAE and across the world who are finding creativity in self-isolating times. What are artists doing while under quarantine in their studio and creative spaces? Displaying painting, piece of poetry and inspiring articles sent directly from the artists to Art4you Gallery, the series is featured both in the blog and corresponds to short episodes on our highlights. Read the intro features and art community, introducing the series of their artworks and its stories behind in 'black and white'. Art is a medium of communication that allows the artist to transmit the innermost, the heard, experienced /perceived, or even the troubling and transmitted to the audience immediately a thousand words in a single piece of art. In crisis times, confusion creates apprehension and distress but it can also open opportunities to communicate and pay attention to the connections that bind us so profoundly. When we discuss how best to react to the crisis at present, we find it is necessary to recognize new ways of working together as a group and to build supportive, innovative and inspiring spaces. We Pray for everyone as we battle through this pandemic and hope for things to go back to normal soon.

Hope you enjoy the read. We thank our readers, writers and advertisers for their ceaseless patronage over the past months making this centenary issue a possibility.

We hope to reach new horizons in the coming years with your continuing support. Do share with us your feedback at

Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian (FOUNDER & Editor-in-Chief)

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