How to Make Space for Your Creative Intelligence?

By Corry Macdonald | Issue 01 | SEPT 2020 

Did you know that every single one of us is highly creative? Creativity isn’t for a select few. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are creating all the time at the level of thought. All that’s needed to unlock your Creative Intelligence is a little space for peaceful solitude in your daily life. What follows is a little look into how to do carve this out for yourself.

What’s the Big Deal About Space?

Can I tell you about the first creative space I set up as an art therapy student? It was at an international preschool which had tactile areas to stimulate the children’s senses along with open spaces for exploration. My professor instructed me to create a blank white space within all that busy-ness to conduct children’s art therapy sessions in. I hung long white curtains to form a tiny rectangle “room”.Nestled by a wide window in the corner of the preschool, I tucked a wee children’s table, stools and art materials into the cozy space. Immediately, curious children began poking their sweet small faces in between the curtain openings referring to it as “The Cloud”. “The Cloud” became a sought out place of peace and quiet in the preschool. Not only for the children, but for teachers, students,and cleaning staff too! I learned that each one of us needs spaces of solitude in our loud and busy world. While “The Cloud” was a seemingly simple physical space made from a few white curtains, it provided a vital key that I want to pass to you now. Are you ready? Silence and solitude give you access to your potential-filled inner world where your Creative Intelligence resides. Only from this silent vastness within can you sense and imagine something new to come through you.

Ms. Corry Macdonald - Canadian Art Therapist / Artist

Ms. Corry Macdonald - Canadian Art Therapist / Artist

“But I’m Not An Artist!” - Meet Corry Macdonald

if you are someone who thinks you’re not creative it’s essential that you come to recognize who you truly are. You are a creative power house and the artist of your life. Look with me at creativity from the perspective of art therapy. Keeping it easy here, let’s pause for a moment and take a good look at those two words – art and therapy. See the word “art” and simply notice what pops up in your mind. Perhaps famous artists or galleries. Now, release these as they aren’t useful here. For sure, they have their place, just not for where we’re looking. I wonder if you might consider “art” as energy in motion. Imagine a preschooler racing out of the classroom holding a dripping wet painting of raw emotion. This is the “art” we all have access to through the doorway of play! Now let’s take a look at that second word -“therapy".

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