30. Apr, 2023


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates:

Through art, people are able to express everything that is unfathomable and impractical to touch, gain a deeper understanding of various facets of society, and discover their own special talents. It reveals their inner abilities and qualities.

Due to this Month being the autism awareness month, Phoenix Art Group decided to hold an art exhibition on 28th and 29th of April at DIAC (Dubai International Art Centre) fundraising for children with special abilities with many visitors who supported these children and young adults in many ways.

Art with a meaning:

Twenty students of determination (autism, down syndrome, etc) participated in this art exhibition showcasing artworks such as paintings, leather art, textile art, tailoring and wood engraving. During the exhibition these young artists created their own artwork in an open space which drew the attention of all visitors to their special abilities.

This latest initiative by Phoenix Art Group is one of many planning in upcoming years. Community is very important to them, so they plays a key role in the growth for the future. People of determination play a vital role in that too, they’re always looking for opportunities to bring them into the industry.

Mrs Roza Akhlaghi, The founder of Phoenix Art Group added: “It was an honor to work with these beautiful souls and we look forward to have these types of exhibitions in the future.”

This art exhibition has been supported financially by Mr. Mohammad Sharif Pishdad and was planned and organized by Phoenix Art Group and aimed to provide a platform for these children offering them the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity while benefiting from the proceeds generated. All the income from this exhibition has been collected for the benefit of the participants themselves.

Every April is Autism Awareness Month, starting with the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. Throughout the month, Phoenix Art Group focus on sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, fostering worldwide support.

This year, we were committed to keep the spirit alive throughout the month, as now more than ever we know the autism community needs support, kindness and compassion. Through this project, we aimed to contribute for the development of autistic community for the first year and inspire other around to contribute starting from following years.

The exhibition was attended by VIP Guests - Mr. Maktoum Bin Mohammed, Mr. Khalil Abdulwahid, Mr. Yaqoub Al Ali, Mr. Abdulqader Alrais, H.E Laila Rahhall El Atfani, and Mr Faisal Abdulqader.

Lastly, Phoenix Art Group wants to thank all the contributors who supported these Earthly angels.

About Phoenix Art Group

Phoenix Art Group is the first Iranian Art Gallery in United Arab Emirates which has held many art exhibitions and workshops. It has been two years since this group has started its activity managed by Roza Akhlaghi and has held many international exhibitions and also many exhibitions in Dubai such as live paintings in Expo. Phoenix Art Group Team Members: Roza Akhlaghi - Manager and Founder, Tabasom Samadani - Graphic Designer, Mona Naseri - Social Media Manager and Ali Taherifard - IT Consultant.

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